Go from idea to collecting videos in just 3 minutes.

Get videos from anyone, anywhere just by sharing a link. There's nothing for them to download, install or join.

Clipisode even works inside apps like Twitter, Facebook, TikTok, Snapchat, YouTube and Instagram.

Videos with real people get better results.

When you include real people, your videos can get 5x more clicks, 7x more trust and 10x more views.

Why? Because consumers don’t trust brands. Consumers trust other consumers.

(That’s why Yelp is worth billions of dollars.)

But getting videos from your customers and followers
is complicated and painful.

Collecting videos by email or DM is total chaos and it doesn't get you the rights you need.

Hashtag campaigns always get hijacked by haters. All of the attention you get is negative.

And no one is going to install a new app just to send you a video reply. Not even your mom.

Clipisode makes it easy.


Choose a topic.

You just need an idea and an intro video telling people what you want them to send you. Ask them to tell you stories, give them a challenge or host a video AMA.


Invite people to reply.

Get video replies anywhere you can share links. Instagram, Twitter, SMS, email — anywhere. Our QR codes even get video replies from magazines and TV.


Download, edit, mix, share.

You get the rights to do anything you want with your video replies. Plus, you can choose a bunch of videos for guest stars to answer via private invitation links.


It's fast and safe.

Automatic transcriptions protect you from haters and let you quickly speed through hundreds of replies. You have total control of the process from end to end.

Used by creative teams at brands and agencies.

Clipisode gives you social video superpowers.

Safely get video replies on demand, in the moment — even if your audience is millions of people.

Our platform turns a complicated ten-hour job into ten easy minutes.

See what you can do with Clipisode.

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