Make videos with your fans,
just by sharing a link.

Get video replies inside apps like Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat and Instagram.
Fans don't have to download, install or join anything. Only you need the app.

When you put real people in your videos, you can
get 5x more clicks, 7x more trust and 10x more views.

But getting videos from real people is hard because all the ways to do it suck.

Getting videos by
DM or email is a mess
and it doesn't get you
the rights you need.

Hashtag campaigns
get hijacked by haters.
All of the attention you
generate is negative.

And no one, not even
your mom, is going to
install a new app just to
send you a video.

Clipisode makes it easy to get authentic video stories
from real people, just by sharing a link.

Now it's easy to build trust, increase engagement and create unforgettable moments with your fans.


Start with a video. Ask a question or challenge your fans.

Invite followers and friends to send you video replies, just by sharing a link.


Get videos from your fans on Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, Facebook. Email or text invitation links to special guests.

There's nothing for them to download, install or join.


You're in control. Add clips. Remove clips. Edit, trim and rearrange as needed.

Add captions, overlays and custom branding.


Share authentic video stories from real people, optimized for every social platform.

Build an army of supporters who want to help you win.

Now getting video replies is remarkably easy.

Get videos from real people — in the moment — inside the apps they're already using.

There's nothing for
your fans and friends to
download, install or join.
It's like a magic trick.

You get key data like
names, email addresses
and social handles, plus
the rights you need.

You're in control of the
process the whole time.
We keep your brand
completely safe.

Clipisode makes amazing video collaborations possible.

It works for all kinds of creators:
musicians, actors, influencers, gamers, comedians, artists, YouTube stars, athletes, Patreon creators, DJs, marketers, podcasters and authors.
(Brands and agencies, too.)

Top Ten Revealed: Favorite Guitarists

AXS TV used Clipisode to promote their "Top Ten Revealed" TV series. They asked six music industry experts, "Who Is Your All-time Favorite Guitarist?"

Each of these busy people participated in just seconds, using only their phones. Some of them even used props.

These stars all shared the video too, generating three times their average number of views.

Watch the full video here.

Nationwide: The Jingle Sessions

Brad Paisley and Peyton Manning used Clipisode to ask their fans for help with the Nationwide jingle. Hundreds of people sent in more than 4 hours of video just by clicking on a tweet or swiping up on an Instagram story. People of all ages told stories, made jokes, wrote lyrics and played original songs.

The results were incredible, but the most important thing was that the process was safe for their brand the entire time.

Watch highlights here, here, here, here, here and here.

Clare Mackintosh: Where Writers Write

Clare Mackintosh writes award winning mystery novels. She asked several other authors to show the world where they work when they write.

These authors took Clare's audience on a video tour of all kinds of different workspaces — including cabins, apartments, offices, bathrooms and bars. Everyone shared the video and every single clip reminded people to sign up for Clare's book club mailing list.

Watch the full video here.

Hashtag Roundup: #MyPerfectSidekick

Hashtag Roundup consistently has several of the top trending topics on Twitter all day long. They used Clipisode to make the video version of a hashtag contest. Real people sent video replies simply by clicking on a tweet. They didn't have to download, install or join anything.

Of course, nearly everyone's perfect sidekick is a dog, but caffeine, beer and beard oil made the list too.

Watch the full video here.

Clipisode gives you social video superpowers.

It's an open-ended platform for collecting and combining video from anyone, anywhere.
The possibilities are limitless.


  • Contests, challenges
  • Customer testimonials
  • Follower acquisition
  • Research and support


  • Sponsored series
  • Social takeovers
  • Expert roundups
  • Video AMAs


  • Content marketing
  • Live event coverage
  • Case studies, FAQs
  • Behind the scenes

Clipisode gives brands a seamless way to join interactions between stars and their fans.

Our brand partner program includes:

  • online Partner Studio access for building and deploying themes
  • strategy, training and support
  • CRM and analytics integration
  • custom brand fonts
  • advanced text animations
  • custom social preview images
  • downloading source videos
  • exporting guest reply data
  • adding custom calls-to-action
  • hosting additional terms links
  • native app integrations

Let's change how the world makes videos. Together.

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